Who am I?

Hello there! 
My name is Alex "AnG3L" Ftoulis and I am a VIP Life Coach, Author, Artist, Master Reiki Healer and Social Entrepreneur.
I devoted my life searching for answers and solutions researching domains in the field of Analytical, Personality, Experimental  Psychology, Cognitive Sciences, Eastern and Western Philosophies and Religions, Quantum Mechanics and more.

  My passion to find what exactly creates the tangible reality we live in the slightest detail, led me to a long journey into psychology, quantum mechanics and occultism to discover the connection and reasons between everything. Reasons behind problematic relationships, general limitations, issues affecting human psychology and general physical health for me had to have a real reason and therefore an actual solution. After 7 years of intense researches I developed methods & tools capable of transforming you  to your best versions of yourselves by overcoming traditional coaching limitations and therefore achieving the desired results.

VIP coaching & services

My products and  services are targeting high level executives, sport players - athletes, professional poker players, entrepreneurs, VIP people but not only. If you are looking to "reboot" your life physicaly and mentally with my advanced methods & techniques, if you are seeking for answers, guidance or healing or you might even want to spoil yourself with my teams VIP luxury services then you are in the right place.

Client Testimonials

"I came to Alex for relationship coaching and I ended up being a Vice President in one of the biggest Youth Organizations in the world, leaving my current toxic relationship and now I am in an exotic island with the love of my life, living the life of my dreams. I feel lucky, honored and blessed to have met Alexis first as my coach and now I can call him one of my dearest and best friends."

"Thank you! Marseille's Tarot Love Reading & VIP coaching turned out not about love but about my biggest block in life and how to deal with it . And consultation gave new perspective and opened different doors to focus on in my Twin Flame story. Feeling inspired & motivated like never before!"

"I must say Alexis Ftoulis is one of the most gently individuals I’ve worked with. Not to mention how knowledgeable and spot in he is with his intuition. I’m sure there are many who would benefit from his soul and guidance."

My Personal Advanced Methods & Techniques 

Each one of my methods is composed by mulptiple other tools, practices & techniques of psychosomatic transformation.

- ROOT® & R.O.P® methods of Subconscious Reprogramming

These two techniques were created by me after 8 years of practicing & experimentation & their main objective is to restructure the clients perception & belief system (R.O.P), by targeting the unconscious hidden part of the mind & effectively transmute thought-forms & old unnecessary energetic patterns along with matrix-blueprints.

These methods are advanced & include exercises & custom programs based on your current physical & mental condition.
(Segments of those methods include:  EFT, NLP-Hypnosis and TAT)

- Pulsative Reiki® Shiatsu Massage

As an Advanced Reiki Master Healer & Massage Connoisseur my self, I developed a highly effective technique which uses Reiki energy in wave forms while I apply Shiatsu massage techniques on specific pressure points.

I have been dealing with patients who were considered "lost" cases for more than 8 years delivering astounding results due to my extended knowledge on a variety of medical methods & practices which deliver actual results. 

 MultiEntry® Personal Counselling &  Support. 

With my expertise in Jungian, Experimental, Developmental Psychology, as a Master Reiki healer, & as a Life Coach and Social Entrepreneur, I can give direct & precise advises on matters regarding your personal life & relationships to issues regarding your entrepreneurial endeavors.

From  conventional tools & methods to Marseille Tarot Readings  & with my knowledge in "Matrix Mechanics", I have many aces hidden under my sleeve & I am ready to share my knowledge, enthusiasm & motivation with my clients & friends, pushing them to the next level like nothing else.


(all sessions are customizable based on each client's needs)

VIP coaching session 

1 hour flexible session. Customize your needs, from Personal Counseling & Support, to Tarot Readings & Luxury VIP services.

Get this 1 hour VIP session and benefit from my services such as MultiEntry® Personal Counselling & Support, Marseille Tarot, Pulsative Reiki® Massage or even get a quick counseling session as a returning customer.

You can also hire a Professional member of our Team to have his VIP services exclusively for you. 
(for futher info & availability contact us below )

-2 services included
-Personal Data Analysis (prior meeting)
-Custom 6 month program by request

+IamFree Team services (optional)
-Terms & Conditions Apply


VIP advanced session

 Prepare for any major task or create smart plans for your dreams with my life-changing 3 hour advanced coaching session.  
20% discount per hour!

Get ready for your big events, presentation, sport events, exams with this 3 hour intense VIP advanced coaching session. Get to know my  ROOT® & R.O.P® methods of Subconscious Reprogramming and just leave your psychosomatic transmutation in my hands.

You can also hire a Professional member of our Team to have his VIP services exclusively for you.
(for futher info & availability contact us below )

-All services included.
-Personal Data Analysis (prior meeting)
+IamFree Team services (optional)
-Custom  Program with variable duration ( 3 - 12 months )
-Terms & Conditions Apply

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